Mobile Phone Tower Testing

Mobile phone towers are expanding exponentially to feed the high demand of mobile phone advancement and increasing use of smart phones, tablets and wireless connectivity. This is particularly relevant in cities such as Perth where the population growth demands better connectivity.

This is great technology that makes our lives easier and improves communication but there are some troubling side effects to this technology age. The majority of this technology has only made it's way into the residential market in the previous 10-20 years with the guidelines for safety only based on temperature changes to tissue in the human body.

Building biology principles adhere to minimizing exposure levels of all pulsed high frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR) by applying a precautionary approach and looking at studies that refer to biological responses in the human body.

Envirodetox applies building biology principles in assessing the impact of EMR from mobile phone towers to homes and workplaces.  The mobile phone tower testing includes the use of a radio frequency (RF) analyzer, to record electromagnetic radiation (EMR) readings in what is considered by regulatory authorities to be in the very low level range. These readings are then compared to international levels that are based on thermal effects in the human body and levels recommended by building biologists. The building biologists guidelines exist where there is no evidence of adverse health effects from pulsed high frequency waves.

The readings are collated in a report to indicate the major direction of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and the impact of all surrounding mobile phone towers on your home. If EMR levels are highly elevated over the building biology guidelines than Envirodetox offers a number of shielding options including curtain fabric for windows and shielding paint for walls.

After shielding installation Envirodetox will revisit your home in any metropolitan Perth region at no extra charge to ensure the levels have decreased as per shielding specifications and your home is now protecting you from electromagnetic radiation emanating from mobile phone towers and antennas.


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