Drinking Water Quality and Testing

Envirodetox offers a cost effective water quality testing service and report of the water supply system for homes and workplaces in Perth. Envirodetox uses the water corporations most recent results for your water catchment area as a reference point.

Envirodetox provides a well water test as a guide to identifying potential toxins that may have entered your drinking water. The results are collated in a report with relevant local Perth research and a list of potential health effects. The appropriate filtration and filter systems for purifying your tap water can then be diagnosed.

Water is vital to our survival and the quality of the water plays an important role in our everyday health that can often be underestimated. As a building biologist the precautionary principle is applied to the water we drink, whether it be from the tap or a bottle.

Drinking water from the tap can have many contaminants that various studies around the world have shown to cause health problems. Some of these contaminants include heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, copper, lead, pesticides, nitrates and nitrites and acidic water.

Envirodetox can advise on purifying your drinking water that will ensure any drinking water contaminants identified will be removed or greatly minimised. For further discussion on purifying your drinking water please contact Mark on 0402 704 383 or complete the Contact Us Form.